Thirty years ago, getting press for your business was a challenge.

The only channels available were newspapers, television, radio, the yellow pages (remember that?), and perhaps the occasional billboard. This meant that if you wanted to boost your brand, you had to spend a lot of time and money getting the right coverage.

Not only this but you were limited in the number of people who would discover your brand. Even if you managed to get a story in the local newspaper, only people who bought the paper would read about you!

Now, digital PR has changed the game when it comes to getting coverage. What is digital PR? We’re so glad you asked! Digital PR means you can boost your presence on other websites as well as social media, videos, and podcasts. Not only is it relatively easier to get coverage, but a wider range of people will get to know your story.

1. Digital PR Content Is Available Anytime

If you were lucky enough to get an interview on the local news thirty years ago, you’d need to tell people what time you’d be on screen. Of course, you’d also have to hope someone had a VHS video recorder on standby! With digital PR, all your content is available online, ready to be consumed at any time of the day or night. You can record an interview and upload it to YouTube where people can view it, for one month, one year… even ten years after you press record.

2. Digital PR Gives You New Ways to Promote Your Business

While you can reach out to online publications to help boost your brand awareness, another digital PR channel has opened up in recent years… the influencer. It’s now easier than ever to find an influencer that shares your brand values and can promote your product or service to a loyal group of eager followers. Many businesses imagine the Kardashians and Ronaldo when they think of influencers, but the reality is, even someone with as little as 1,000 Instagram followers can authentically promote your brand.

3. Digital PR Can Boost Your SEO

When you get press coverage on relevant websites, this typically comes with a backlink to your website. While brand exposure on other sites is nice, a high-quality backlink has many benefits for your business. Backlinks from other websites show search engines like Google that your site is dependable and trusted as a search engine optimization ranking factor. This leads to a boosted search engine presence and more organic traffic to your site.


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